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Novo Ordum Mundi News

By: Aeroshin - March 11th

New Website!

We have a new website! Go check it out at and remember to register there!

By: Aeroshin - March 2nd

Blackhorn and Spine down! We are now 7/8!

Spine Kill Shot
Blackhorn Kill Shot
Grats to all who got loot (lots of strength DPS drops)! All we have left is to take down the big dragon, and then it's on to hard modes.

  • Tristesse: I was so excited to down that stupid lootship! Grats all around! :D
  • Jazper: Grats all!!
By: Aeroshin - November 17th

Tuesday/Wednesday Firelands clear!

Congrats to all who got their achievements and loot!

  • Eddison: NICE! :D (Also, that is a really pretty screenie.) Congrats!!
  • Jazper: Awesome job all! (and seconding the nice screenie)
  • Pensive: Awesome picture! (And gratz, guys!)
  • Aeroshin: Finally found my copy of Photoshop so I did some stuff for fun. And this was definitely a fun night! Grats to everyone!
By: Eddison - October 9th

We're finally 7/7!

Good job all!  And extra good job to Aero the Amazing for his stuns with heals.  ;D  

  • Jazper: Awesome job all!! So proud of everybody. :D
  • Aeroshin: I like the heart around little Rag, Although I think it should be a shotgun to his head.
  • Eneko: I am kind of amused at how the trinket Jaz hates so much has stolen the center of the killshot. :P
  • Jhet: Shannox Heroic here we go! That said, Ragnaros is still a jerk face, but a downable jerk face. :) Good job all!
  • Eddison: At least you can partially see my head in that picture. :( JT's stupid trinket covered me up in all of my pictures!
  • Kaleii: Rock on everybody <3
By: Eddison - September 24th

6/7 and Branch for Dran!

No flame orbs, no problems.  :)


And major congrats to Dran who completed the first part of the epic staff questline!!  The branch is sweet looking (with delicious stats)!

  • Lipstiick: yay dran! <3
  • Pensive: Orcs never look their best when they get their picture taken. Still, gratz!
  • Eddison: I like the lightning bolts and flowers combo. :)
By: Jazper - September 12th

Alysrazor down! 5/7

Alysrazor down!Got a few great attempts in on Majordomo too. Awesome job all :D

  • Eddison: I do not know why Guildzilla is chopping pictures funny, but I don't care. Crazy bird is finally dead. YAY!
  • Eneko: Yay!
By: Eddison - August 11th

FINALLY! Fishing is complete!

After a HUGE push tonight, we got our 10k fishes! GO TEAM!

Many, many thanks to Novo Awesome Award of the Day recipient Razelkrol for providing numerous pets to be used as prizes! Everyone enjoy your new companions, drawings (thanks 'Neko!), and random grays!

Pick up your recipe!

  • Jazper: Seconding , well every thing! :p Great job all, we have Feasts! And huge thank you to Razel for pets and 'Neko for drawings. :D
  • Wealhtheow: grats! Sorry we're out!
By: Eddison - August 5th

Lord Rhyolith is down!

Lord R is down!Nice job team! :D And...of course I didn't hit the right SS button, so if someone has awesome shots, let me know, and I'll get them up! <3

  • Eneko:
  • Eneko: It's in the gallery :)
  • Eddison: Thank you Eneko! <3 And awesome job steering!! :D
By: Jazper - July 31st

Beth'tilac went down tonight!

Awesome job folks!

By: Jazper - July 22nd

Shannox Down!

First Firelands kill. Great job folks!

  • Eddison: Woo! Grats, guys! :D

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